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"SiteLock Web Security" Works 24/7 to Secure & Protect Your Website!

SiteLock is designed to protect your websites from malware, injections and other threats. From blogs and other content driven sites to the dynamic or e-commerce websites of your small to mid-sized business, SiteLock is a cost effective and easy way to protect your websites.
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Malware Scanning Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool (SMART)
SiteLock SealPrevent hackers from using your website to distribute virus-infected software to your website visitors and customers. Use a website scanning service that includes comprehensive virus scanning. SiteLock SealThe SiteLock Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool (SMART) performs deep website scans at set intervals to detect malware and automatically remove it so that your website maintains a safe and secure environment for customers.
Blacklist Monitoring & Reputation Management Application Scanning
SiteLock SealDon't let your website get blacklisted by Google. It's like having your business quarantined due to risks of spreading infection. SiteLock helps make sure your website is free of malware or viruses and alerts you to threats before they can harm your business reputation. SiteLock SealAs application versions age (like Windows 2000 or Wordpress 1.0), hackers find more ways to attack these programs. SiteLock's Application Scanning will verify the applications you have installed on your website against known vulnerabilities and alert you to potential threats.
Database Protection Network Security
SiteLock SealSQL injection is an extremely damaging attack in which hackers will attempt to access information stored in your database, such as customer data, user ID's and passwords. SiteLock verifies the safety of each input box on your website by inserting code in the way hackers would. SiteLock SealHackers search for open server port vulnerabilities. Think of your network as your business immune system, the slightest weaknesses can put you at risk for serious attacks. SiteLock checks each port on your servers to make sure that only the appropriate ones are open for your server type.
  • SiteLock Scanning
  • Deep 360-Degree Site Scan
  • Reputation Management
  • Business Validation
  • Verifiable Trust Seal
  • Unlimited Expert Support
  • Up to 25 Pages
  • SiteLock Scanning
  • Features of basic, plus:
  • Up to 500 Pages
  • Daily FTP Scanning
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • Network Security Scanning
  • Ongoing vulnerability scanning
  • SiteLock Scanning
  • Features of premium, plus:
  • Up to 2500 Pages
  • Advanced Security Scanning
  • All plans include the seal
    SiteLock Seal